pc master race vs console

PC Master Race At It’s Peak

With the release of new GTX 1080 this year, the future of PC Master Race seems incredible. Some time ago people used to call console gaming as the real gaming but that’s not the case anymore, PC has overtaken the tag of a gaming device. This is due to its unpredictable performance, and it’s ability easily upgrade. Console users are forced into buying a new console once they are released. Fortunately, with computers, this is not the case. Any part of the computer is fully compatible to be upgraded alone.

Intel launches new CPU’s every year that doesn’t mean you need to buy a new Computer each year to keep up with it. You can buy the only the processor and install it on your computer. This is the major reason behind the success of PC. It might not be as compact as a console but surely can the do a lot more. The best example of this is operating systems, A gaming console like a PlayStation it’s locked to Sony’s PlayStation Firmware, while you can install any operating system on a personal computer. This means you can run other applications other than games. This makes compatible and perfect for both offices and homes.

What about the looks?

nzxt s340 pc case best pc caseAfter the continuous evolution of processing technology, consoles couldn’t keep up with it. Only limitations left now was the looks. When I say pc, You probably imagine a big cuboid box, which is not the case anyone. Casing for computers has advanced too; You can buy very attractive computer cases on the market. One of the leading brands in doing so is NZXT. I am not going to talk a lot of computer cases, if you are interested in reading more about best pc cases, please refer; pcmasterracebuilds.com.

A Look Into The Future

nzxt good looking case with the viveLeaving the looks aside, let’s talk about the future. 2018 is here, and various companies have teased us about their upcoming releases. HTC vive pro is launching soon; I got a chance to try it, it’s a lot more comfortable than the older version. Thought they didn’t say if was bigger than the older version but I was able to fit in my spectacles inside them(I cannot do them with the older HTC Vive). We can even expect 8k resolution screens in computers. Currently, we don’t have the technology to transmit that kind of data through wires, but it’s soon going to be possible and will revolutionize the way we play games.

This is as far as we can predict. Hopefully, we will also get to see some new mini console tech too, maybe a Nintendo DS Pro?

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