fortnite has a practice mode

How to get better at Fortnite – Guide The ultimate guide.

Want to get better at fortnight? Tired of losing again and again?
In this guide, I’ll talk about how I manage to increase my win rate by about 20% in Fortnite.

Many of these tips might be very specific to my kind of play style and might so well with yours, If that is so, Let me know in the comment sections.

Without further ado let’s get right into the guide.

1. Practice

aiming in fortnite I am sure, Most people know about and mentioning this as #1 on the list might turn many people off but the reality is that you have to practice to get better. The best players, Ninja, Myth, have put thousands of hours in the sage to reach the level where they are at. I have played the game for more than 1200 hours in total; I am not saying you need to reach such number to get better.

It’s just that the game is vast and has a lot of things to learn which come with time.

2. Game Knowledge

Game knowledge is another important factor. When I hit my first thousand hours in a Fortnite, I was surprised to see many players would play much better with just a few hundred hours put into the game. So, I knew I was doing something wrong; I went on a hunt to learn. One thing, I noticed in new players who were surprisingly good at the game as they all watched lives streamers like Ninja and Myth. Watching a professional play Fortnite is the best way to learn, You can learn from their playstyle, their Fortnite settings and even more.

I understand you don’t want to spend time watching other players play and are makes sense, that is the reason I have created this guide, I will walk you through everything I learn from watching 100’s hours Fortnite gameplay.

3. How to AIM better?

fortnite has a practice modeI have been a game for a long time and never had problems with aiming in Fortnite. Thought here are some tips I can give you to get better at it.

Get a new mouse for playing Fortnite

The mouse is an important factor when it comes to aiming. Using an ancient mouse will give you a hard time as the new ones have much better controls and buttons to help you with them.

Go wireless

I know wireless mice are usually very expensive and it can be hard to find the right one but trust me it makes a difference. If you are serious about getting better, This is a choice you got to make. Wires are a big limitation when it comes to playing. I cannot explain how many times have I lost an easy 1v1 due to mouse wires.

Building Faster

This is quite a necessity; You have to learn to build and build right. Building in Fortnite is a major factor that you just cannot ignore. If you can build faster and more intelligently then your opponent, There is a good chance you will come on top in a 1v1. The best way to learn to build better is to watching streamers like Ninja; You can also use their key binds to get a better idea of how these buttons can be made accessible.

Gather resources constantly

Got enough resources and won’t need more? Think again, You never know when you run into an intense fight against an opponent and have you use a big part of your resources, This can be problematic. With over 90 players in one game and you never know when you will need to fight again. Constantly gathering resources will surely give you an advantage over your opponents.

That is all I have learned after playing Fortnite for hours, I hope you were able to get something out of it. If you would like to share more tips or anything about your play style; I’d be happy to know your thoughts, Drop then in the comments section below.

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