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Best Affordable Mechanical Keyboard Of 2017

Gaming computers are totally dominating the gaming market these days. No one wants a console anymore, just because they are very limited and impossible to upgrade. With 2017 here, most people are interested to know more about computer parts and what are the best options for them. Today, You will get all information about every single mechanical keyboards out there.

Why Mechanical Keyboard?

I get this question asked a lot. Why is mechanical keyboard better than a standard keyboard?
Let’s explain this question first. Mechanical keyboards are called mechanical keyboards because of the keyboard switches they use. These switches are very responsive and have a very nice click sound which feels very good while gaming. Unlike a non-mechanical keyboard, You don’t have to put pressure in center in order for the button to act. They are equally responsive on sides too. This makes them a must for everyone who plans of gaming on a computer.

Problem that most people have when it comes to mechanical keyboards is that they are not very affordable but recently it’s not the case anymore many companies have started launching keyboards which are very affordable.

I have made a list of all the best affordable mechanical keyboard out there.

Cooler Master QuickFire

Cooler Master QuickFire Keyboard

How can we forget cooler master when it comes to gaming accessories. It’s one of the most affordable brands which don’t compromises on quality of the product. The QuickFire TK is very affordable and can be bought online for under $90. It sure is cheaper compared to other mechanical keyboards out there but uses the same switches used in most popular ones. These switches are popularly known as Cherry Mechanical Switches.

The keyboard lies under something called linear key style keyboards. This might sound like a weakness of the keyboard but you are wrong. This means that keyboard is very responsive and buttons need very less pressure to click. This is a big advantage for games and that’s why I added this keyboard in this list.

Razer BlackWidow Stealth

Razer Stealth Mechanical Keyboard

Who doesn’t knows Razer. The brand is known for it’s expensive accessories for gamers, They just make everything look better. Luckily this mechanical keyboard by Razer is very affordable unlike their other keyboards. It might be most expensive in this list but who minds spending a few bucks for some “Razer Swag”.

I personally use this keyboard while I am gaming. It has never disappointed me. Very responsive, The vibrant LED lights just makes you have more fun while you are gaming. The best part that I like about this keyboard is that it’s very quiet, Unlike other mechanical keyboards. I live in a house with my parents and they don’t like me making much noise, so this keyboard fits in best for me.


HAVIT RGB KeyboardIt’s not a very popular brand but the looks of this keyboard can’t keep anymore from trying it at least once. Usually when you go for buying a gaming accessories, RGB lights just multiplies the price but this is not the case with HAVIT. Their RGB technology is very different than any other PBN mechanical keyboard out there. The keyboards costs only $60. Which is the most affordable mechanical keyboard in this list.

The switches used in this keyboard are not the original cherry MX but a very nicely build clone. The clones are of very similar quality to the original keys and won’t won’t really find a difference between them.  If you are on a strict budget. This is the best option for you since they cost only $42.

I hope this helped you get some knowledge about affordable mechanical keyboards and now you can go and buy the best that fits your needs without wasting any time.

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